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Silent Language

Circuit Istanbul

What gets lost in translation, where does it go?

Inez Piso is interested in that which gets lost in translation. Meanings disappear into silence. Whenever we choose to say something, there are always things we are not saying: every language consists of words as much as silences.

Language is a vehicle for organising our thoughts. But as a consequence it might also limit the way we think. It affects our perception of gender roles by assuming a certain division. All other categories are left unsaid and thereby automatically silenced.

We will discuss how these problems manifest themselves in different languages and see how the evolution of a language mirrors the evolution of a culture. Moreover, we will analyse how we are using language today, what assumptions can be questioned and how this can be used as an agent of change.


















































































Part of the 4th edition of Eylem Külübü:








Eylem Külübü




Silent Dance Inez Piso

Ignasi Aballí
Wrong colors, 2018
Corrector Typpex on mirror
100 x 100 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Meessen De Clercq, Brussels

In collaboration with Peachy Works and Circuit Istanbul

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