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Allora / Calzadilla - Revolving Door

Museum Arnhem, The Netherlands

Revolving Door is an ongoing performance troughout the opening hours of the museum consisting of two rows of dancers who simulate the movement of a revolving door. The visitor can interact with this performance, as if it were an actual revolving door – a door that often forms a part of the semi-public space of buildings. Sometimes these authoritarian structures command how we move through space and break with our natural rhythm. By interweaving gestures from the local history of barricades and marches, Revolving Door creates an experience of the power play inherent to moving masses, intimidating the individual who believes to be moving freely through space.

Choreographer: Michael Hess

Performers: Gabriela Emily Aidulis, Alkis Barbas, Natasha Beaujon, Myrthe Bokelman, Melanie Bos, Marit van Brakel, Harriet Caldwell, Yun-Yu Chang, Demi van Doorn, Ivar Draaisma, Milan van Ettekoven, Fonge Frieling, Rosy Lupiano, Zoé Martin, Justin Patfoort, Gioele Pomante, Lisa de Roij, Laura Saumweber, Hannah van de Schaaf, Dieuwke Slump, Nathalie Vermeiren, Laura de Vogel, Janna van Welsem and Marcella de Wolff.

-Part of the exhibition Breathing Space curated by Natalie Keppler and Inez Piso in Museum Arnhem-

Thanks to: Introdans and ArtEZ

Photographs by Eva Broekema

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