Inez Piso is a writer, translator and curator who graduated with a bachelor's degree in Art History from the University of Amsterdam and a Master’s degree from the Universidad Autónoma Madrid.


After working four years in the CA2M, Madrid, she moved to Istanbul where she participated in the  IKSV Research Programme with the HüzünProject in 2018. She worked for After the Archive? an initiative that gains attention to silenced archives and questions the role of archives in the creation of public memory in Turkey. She likes to curate exhibitions in unexpected spaces, like an archival box that once belonged to Ulises Carrión: No Todo ~ Niet Alles or the public ferry that crosses the waters of Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Ferry Festival. At the end of 2021 she became the interim artistic director of MHK: an exhibition space an artist-in-residence programme located in a 16th century chapel. 


She will be teaching for the MA programme F for Fact at the Sandberg Institute and the Language and Image Department at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Although her practice is about things that cannot be said with words, she sometimes writes for art magazines like Mister Motley. An exhibition about the limitations of language she recently curated is I Remember with Mirthe Berentsen and Martin La Roche at the Beautiful Distress House in Amsterdam.

Contact:  / +31619508292 



Inez Piso reside entre Ámsterdam y Estambul. Estudió Historia del Arte y un Master en Historia del Arte Contemporáneo y Cultura Visual por la UAM. Ha trabajado en el departamento de exposiciones del MNCARS y el CA2M. Ha sido asistente de comisariado en ARCOMadrid. Sus últimos proyectos comisariales han sido Living with Ghosts en el Schloss Ringenberg (Alemania), Breathing Space, un proyecto performativo en el Museo de Arnhem (Países Bajos) y De Schaduw van de Haan en Vishal (Países Bajos) y Silent dance en Akbank Sanat (Turquía). Sus proyectos se desarrollan a menudo alrededor estructuras invisibles que tienen consecuencias tangibles. Actualmente trabaja en Estambul sobre una investigación en torno al las fronteras de silencios en lenguaje.

Inez Piso Amsterdam ve İstanbul’da yaşayan bir küratör. Universidad Autónoma Madrid’de Sanat Tarihi okudu, Çağdaş Sanat ve Görsel Kültür Tarihi alanında yüksek lisans yaptı. MNCARS Reina Sofia ve CA2M Dos de Mayo Sanat Merkezi sergi departmanlarında görev aldı. ARCOMadrid için asistan küratör olarak çalıştı. Yakın zamanki küratöryel projeleri, Schloss Ringerberg (DE)’de Living with Ghosts, Arnhem Müzesi’nde (NL) performans projesi Breathing Space, ve Vishal (NL)’da De Schaduw van de Haan olmuştur. Halen İstanbul’da sezilemeyen sessizlik üzerine bir araştırma projesi yürütmektedir.


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